5 Celebs to Cast in Catching Fire

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I know that The Hunger Games just hit theaters toda (fan girl scream!!!), but some people (like me) are already obsessing over who should be cast in the movie version of the second book, Catching Fire. When I read THG, I already knew which actors would be playing Katniss, Peeta and company, but my imagination has been running wild with possibilities for (SPOILER ALERT!) the second round of Tributes. Here’s who I have in mind to join our favorite District 12 kids in the arena once more…

Finnick Odair
Who else could play the sexiest tribute alive but the sexiest actor of the moment, Channing Tatum. But then again, part of me secretly hopes that the producers cast someone who oozes Finnick’s smarmy vibe. Scott Disick, keep your calendar open!

Eighty years old, nutty and basically unintelligible, Steven Tyler is my natural choice for the role. So what if Mags is a woman… that’s what wigs are for!

Johanna Mason
While other tributes are practicing archery or knot-tying, Johanna’s strategy seems to get naked as often as possible. Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan seem to have been rehearsing a lifetime for this part…

“Fierce” isn’t quite harsh enough to describe this competitor, who gained infamy after ripping out a rival’s throat with her bare teeth. This time in the arena, she’s sporting gold-plated, razor-sharp fangs–basically, a monster. So who better than Mother Monster, Lady Gaga, to play the vicious Panem citizen?

The Morphlings
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, obvs. True, one of the bone-thin, drug-addled Tributes is supposed to be a boy, but MK and Ash can paper-rock-scissors over who gets to lop off their locks. You’re welcome, girls!


Who would you cast in Catching Fire? And if you could, would you recast Peeta, Katniss or Gale? Tell us what you really think in the comments!

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