Find Out How to Could Attend Catching Fire Fan Camp Weekend

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The idea of a Hunger Games-themed camp doesn’t bode well with most parents. But, rest assured, moms & dads, the upcoming Catching Fire camp promises to be nothing but a good time.

Lionsgate has just announced that fans of the Jennifer Lawrence-led film franchise can enter for a chance to win spots for Catching Fire Fan Camp Weekend, which will take place from November 16-18, right before the premiere in Los Angeles. Starting tomorrow, October 24, and ending Friday, October 25, Tributes can register for the opportunity to score a place in said camp.

So far, the studio’s yet to reveal further details as to what kinds of activities fans will be able to participate in or what swag they may receive. However, we’d guess that there will at least be some surprise meet-ups with members of the cast, and potential to see the movie as well.

Make sure to keep your eyes on CatchingFireFanCamp.com for more information. What do you think of the idea so far? Tell us all your THG-related thoughts in the comments below, or on our Catching Fire message board!