Effie Trinket and Caesar Flickerman Get ‘Catching Fire’ Character Posters!

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Catching Fire is officially putting promotion into full gear! The Hunger Games sequel might not be hitting theaters until November 22, but that hasn’t stopped the sneak peeks from rolling through. Last week, Capitol Couture released a mysterious photo of a chair, with a message that read, “Always Elegant. Always Prompt. Join us on March 4. #LadiesFirst,” and now it looks like we know what that was all about.

In this brand new character poster we see Elizabeth Banks, who plays the eccentric Effie Trinket, in one of her most elaborate get ups yet. Dressed head to toe in pink ruffles (and wha’ts up with those crazy gloves?), Effie looks ever so regal in her official Capitol portrait.

However, that’s not all fans are getting. Another Hunger Games Official Capitol portrait was released, except this time it was TV personality Caesar Flickerman (Stanley Tucci). The clue was pretty obvious, as they teased fans saying: “Let’s hear some #ApplausePlease! Today at 3pm PT, @Fandango.” Check out Caesar’s character poster below.



According to Fandango, who debuted the photo, two more character posters will be released this week. Yet another chair sneak peek was released on the Capitol Couture site, but this time the caption reads, “#SipInStyle, only @IGNdotcom. Tomorrow at 10am PT.” We don’t know about you guys, but our money is on Haymitch. Check out a pic of the chair below!



Who do you think is next? Share your theories in the comments section, and come back to Teen to see what the next sneak peek is!

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