8 Casts That Got Tattoos in Honor of Their On-Screen Performance

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People get tattoos in honor of their favorite television shows and movies all the time. Just look at all the cool ink inspired by Harry Potter! But there’s something even more special when the actual cast of the TV series or film permanently engraves themselves with commemorative ink.

The Harry Potter cast thought about it. Tom Felton once told The Sun, “I wasn’t supposed to say anything, but we’ve all got lightning bolts on our a*ses.” Don’t get too excited — he quickly added, “No, I’m joking, but I did try and talk them into it.”

“I thought it was a nice idea, Rupert Grint said. “Maybe not on the a**, but a little something. We talked about it, but all wimped out.”

That would’ve been so cute! Oh well, at least these other casts didn’t chicken out: