YouTube Stars Beg Fans for Help After Wildfires Destroy Their Hometown

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The town of Knysna, South Africa, is left in shambles after wildfires swept through and destroyed hundreds of homes and killed at least five people. The fires started burning in the middle of the night on Tuesday, June 6, and while many of them have been contained, there are still some that have yet to be extinguished. YouTube stars Caspar Lee and Josh Pieters grew up together in the small town and are now pleading for help in the wake of the disaster.

The 23-year-olds set up a GoFundMe page in hopes of raising money to help people of Knysna rebuild after the flames destroyed everything.

The charity website reads, “Our home town of Knysna in South Africa is under siege from one of the worst natural disasters to have ever hit South Africa. Fires have destroyed countless homes and families. This page is to raise money for the people of Knysna who have been left with absolutely nothing as a result of the fires.”

The boys also recorded a video that showed footage of both the fires burning, as well as the aftermath.

Caspar and Josh initially set a goal of £5K (about $6323), but it was quickly raised to £10K (about $12,646), and finally £15K (about $18,969) after fans absolutely crushed it with their donations. The BFFs surpassed their latest financial goal as of this morning.

As you can imagine, the YT stars are blown away by the amount of support and posted another video expressing their appreciation.

You can donate to the Knysna Fire Fund by clicking here.

Josh can thank Caspar for making him YouTube famous, just like these other YT stars who rose to the top of the Internet thanks to their BFF: