Beauty Guru Secretly Got Married Days After She Announced Her Engagement

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When a couple gets engaged, it usually takes at least a few months to plan a wedding. We THOUGHT that’s what was going to happen with Casey Holmes and her longtime boyfriend Davis Marlar, who got engaged on March 25 and planned to have their ceremony in October. But while subscribers have been following the YouTube star for the past few weeks as she plans her big day, it turns out the special moment technically already happened.

A YouTube account called Here for the Tea recently discovered that the 25-year-old beauty guru and her military bae legally got hitched less than a week after they got engaged.

Casey kept her mouth shut about the situation for a little while, but eventually decided to address people’s concerns. The Georgia-born woman explained that the decision to get legally married came because of Davis’ involvement in the Army.

“We are living on post and to live on post it is so much easier if you are married,” CH said at the end of her most recent vlog. “So, Davis and I are legally married and we’re excited about it. We’re acting like newlyweds, pretty much.”

Basically, if Casey and her man did NOT get that marriage license they wouldn’t be able to live together on the army base, and therefore she probably would’ve stayed in Georgia even though her fiance was living up in New York. As she explained, it’s really no one’s business and she still IS going to have a huge wedding ceremony that needs planning. Check out her full explanation below:

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