After Attempting to Rape a 15 Y.O., a Vine Star is Dating Another Underage Girl

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The fact that Carter Reynolds tried to pressure his ex-girlfriend Maggie Lindemann into performing oral sex would be horrible no matter what, but when you add that she was only 15 YEARS OLD at the time makes it even more disgusting. We honestly can’t even believe we’re saying this right now, because you’d THINK the 19 year old would learn by this point, but if rumors are true, the Vine star has moved on from the brunette to a different underage girl.

Fans have noticed that Carter has been spending a ton of time with YouTuber Nathalie Paris lately, sparking the questions about their relationship status. The beauty guru is just 16 years old, so if they are, in fact, hooking up, it would be ILLEGAL. But as we’ve seen in the past, the Viner doesn’t really seem to care about that little detail…

As we mentioned, Carter and Natalie have been constantly hanging out for the past few months. The pair recently attended Coachella together…

…and then jetted off to Florida for Playlist Live.

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Interesting, right? Well, if you still need MORE proof that something’s happening between the two Internet stars, just wait until you see what Carter’s ex had to say about the situation.

“Why does my ex keep getting with 15 year olds??” the online sensation allegedly tweeted and deleted. “You make me look bad.”

But even though we think it’s safe to say Carter and Nathalie are at least hooking up, apparently they’re not official, ’cause the 19-year-old Viner
is still looking for a serious love.

Can’t he find a GF who’s over the age of 18? No? Kay.


Here’s the sad truth: Many Viners seem cool in their videos, but are actually d-bags in real life.