Viner’s Sex Abuse Joke Proves He Still Doesn’t Think He’s an Attempted Rapist

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Even though Carter Reynolds said it wasn’t strange that he tried to force his ex-girlfriend Maggie Lindemann to perform oral sex because they “were dating at the time” and “couples do stuff like that all the time,” the fact of the matter is he tried to pressure her into the act after she said no REPEATEDLY, and that makes it an attempted assault. But even though many people are pretty clear on the fact that no means no in every single circumstance, the 20-year-old still doesn’t seem to think so, because he’s now making jokes about the incident.

The Vine star stooped to a level lower than we ever thought possible when he created a meme on Twitter of his face, along with a caption that poked fun at his ex and him being an attempted “rapist.”

But while the Viner obviously thought making a rape joke was funny, a ton of people seemed to disagree.

Good try, Carter, but unfortunately your actions will always stick with you, no matter the amount of ‘funny’ memes you make.


Seeing as many celebrities have dissed Viners in the past, we’ll just wait for one of them to comment on this dumb moment. In the meantime, here are the real-life stars who through serious shade at the social media kids: