The Drama Between Viner & the Girl He Tried to Rape is Even More Messed Up

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For the past few months, Vine celebrity Carter Reynolds has been slammed for forcing his then-underage girlfriend Maggie Lindemann to perform a sexual act that she clearly wasn’t comfortable doing. So yeah; he’s basically a major d-bag to say the least. Needless to say, his relationship with his ex has been rocky, and even though they’re no long er together the drama surrounding them is STILL swirling.

Following their breakup in May 2015, Carter attacked Maggie on Twitter, engaging in an online feud. As if that wasn’t enough, recently, the 19 year old posted an old photo of him and his former love along with the caption “feels.” Doesn’t that remind you of Justin Bieber, who frequently posts old pics with ex-gf Selena Gomez? After receiving backlash for the photo, Carter then took to Twitter, claiming that it was a “joke.”

Apparently, Carter is a huge jokester, because he just used the same excuse again after a phone call leaked. In the recording, the Viner calls up Maggie and fellow Vine star Cameron Dallas. He tries to talk to his ex, but Cameron intervenes saying, “Why are you mad?” followed by, “We like each other. We’re in love.” Wait… WHAT??

The 21 year old also tells Carter, “You had your chance, Carter…I told you I thought she was cute, and I told you not to break up with her or else I’m going to take her.” Well, this just got interesting…

But although it seems that there is some serious drama between the two Viners, Carter is saying that the leaked phone call happened two years ago, and it was — you guessed it — a JOKE.

Ummmm…funny? Maybe you should stick to making 6-second videos?

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