D-Bag Viner Posts Intimate Pic of Girl He Tried to Rape… But He Was Joking, Guys

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Carter Reynolds and his ex-girlfriend Maggie Lindemann have one of the most tumultuous relationships of all time, all stemming from the time the Vine star tried to force her into performing oral sex on him, even though she said no repeatedly. Yeah… and that’s why he has the title ‘Biggest D-Bag Viner in History’ in our book. Since that attempted-rape video leaked, the 19 year old and his ex-girlfriend have gotten into multiple Twitter feuds, but perhaps nothing is as crazy as what he just did on social media.

Clearly inspired by Justin Biber’s random throwback picture with Selena Gomez, Carter decided to also post a kissing photo with his ex, complete with the simple caption, “feels.”


A photo posted by Carter Reynolds (@carterreynolds) on

Umm…W H A T?! Carter, do you not remember all the crap you put Maggie through? His answer was obviously a big fat negative, because after receiving hate he defended himself by saying the upload was simply “joke.”

Even though the 19 year old doesn’t seem to think posting an intimate pic with the girl he tried to sexually assault is a big deal, fans weren’t so quick to forget his disgusting actions of the past.

The 17-year-old social media star has yet to respond to Carter’s confusing AF post, but given her track record of speaking her mind, we think it’s safe to say a reply is very likely coming soon.

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