Happy Birthday, Carly Rae Jepsen! GIF Reactions to Her Shocking Age

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The fact that today is Carly Rae Jepsen‘s birthday makes us wonder if she’s going around singing, “It’s my birthday, so let’s celebrate maybe!” Okay, we’re just kidding. But it is Carly Rae’s birthday and part of us was shocked to discover that she isn’t turning a number that ends with ‘teen’ like her Believe tour counterparts Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson — today she turns 27! Now, don’t get us wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Carly Rae’s age — looking young is a compliment! — but we know that we aren’t alone in being simply surprised at the fact. Scroll through the GIFs below and see if your reactions are similar — oh and give CRJ a huge happy birthday in the comments below!

Most people’s reaction to finding out Carly Rae is 27

Yep, we’re not lying

Oh well, let’s celebrate! Happy birthday, Carly Rae!

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