24 Notes to Carlos PenaVega That Prove Big Time Rush Fans’ Minds are Dirty AF

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When Carlos PenaVega appeared on Dancing With The Stars this past season, the world was shocked — since when did the Big Time Rush guy get THAT hot?! Umm…since FOREVER! Just ask BTR fans who always knew Carlos was one of the sexiest humans on the planet.

In addition to giving him some new fans, it seems that DWTS also did something else for the 26 year old — opened a whole new world of dirty Twitter comments!

1. Let’s hope that’s all!

2. Not something you ask people!


4. WTF?!

5. We’ll take this as a compliment.

6. You DEFINITELY do not ask people this, either!

7. No.

8. Woooooow.

8. NOPE!

9. Ewwww this is so disgusting.

10. TMI!

11. What about saying ‘hello’ first?


13. Do you, though?

14. Kinda accurate.

15. *vomits*

16. Eh, probably not.

17. WOW!

18. Well, it DID get our attention…

19. And there it is.

20. Hard pass.

21. Oh boy…

22. Absolutely not!

23. Is it, though?

24. NO!!

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