Cardi B Defends Herself Over That Offensive, Transphobic Facebook Post

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Cardi B is denying all responsibility for a transphobic meme that appeared on her Facebook page over the weekend.

The meme in question appeared on Cardi B‘s official Facebook page and read, “I hope nobody see this tr—y leave my house.” The text was accompanied by a cartoon image of a guy looking through a window. According to TMZ, the man appears to be an edited version of Rolf from the cartoon Ed, Edd n’ Eddy. The caption also included several laughing emojis and a skull emoji.

Not surprisingly, fans were outraged with the meme. The post has since been deleted, and Cardi quickly denied any wrongdoing. The rapper took to Twitter to defend herself, writing, “It’s come to my attention that there have been offensive posts made on what used to be my Facebook page. For the past year and a half a FORMER team member has been the only one with access to the account.”

While many fans accepted Cardi’s apology, others found it suspect. Cardi has been previously called out for using a transphobic slur. In January, Cardi did Periscope live chat where she explained she didn’t realize the word “tr—y” was an offensive word. At the time, she explained, “Like I didn’t know that was a word that you cannot use, especially because my trans friends use it and growing up, my parents never told me that that was a bad word.”