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Cardi B Almost Got Into a Crazy Golf Cart Accident at Broccoli Fest

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Note to everyone in the world: NEVER jump onto the back of a golf cart unless you’re trying to flip it over. Cardi B and her fiancé, Offset, had one heck of a close call this past weekend when the golf cart she was sitting in almost flipped and it was SCARY to say the least.

Here’s how that whole situation went down: Over the weekend, both Cardi and Migos were the headliners for Broccoli Fest in Washington D.C. and were just chillin’ backstage before their respective sets. In a video obtained by TMZ, the rapper and her baby daddy were sitting in a golf cart, getting ready to head over to the stage for their performances. Then, suddenly, the front wheels of their golf cart lifted off the ground.

According to the outlet, the vehicle started to tip backward after someone jumped onto the back of it and while it seemed at first like the golf cart was going to fall over, there were, fortunately, a bunch of security guards standing nearby to make sure that didn’t happen.

Luckily, the 25-year-old musician managed to make it to the main stage unscathed, and her performance ultimately went off without a hitch despite the fact that she was completely exhausted. “I’m not even gon’ lie, y’all, I’m on 10%,” she told the crowd. But even though she was running on low to very little energy, Cardi still gave the crowd her all.

The “Be Careful” rapper also reminded her fans that this would be her last performance before giving birth to her first child. She recently canceled several shows in order to focus on her pregnancy, and told the crowd at the festival, “This is my last performance, I’m about to turn up.” And turn up she did.