Looks Like Cardi B May Be in Danger After Dissing Gang on Instagram

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Did Cardi B go too far with her latest Instagram post? The 25-year-old musician is getting ready to host parties at three major nightclubs for NBA All-Star Weekend. The Los Angeles clubs are sure to draw large crowds due to Cardi B’s appearances, which is why the owners of the clubs are pulling out all the stops to get extra security, in case of any gang-related violence.

The amped-up security measures come in light of Cardi’s recent Instagram post, which angered some Crip gang members. While out in Minneapolis for the Super Bowl, Cardi posted a picture of herself wearing a blue fur coat, along with the caption, “I hate wearing Flue but this coat was too poppin’.”

The term “Flue” is primarily used by rival gang members when referring to Crips, so obviously, her use of the slang did not go over too well. After threats started pouring in, Cardi deleted the caption, before disabling the comments on the post altogether.

Due to the controversial post and threats Cardi received for it, the clubs, which are all under the same ownership, are now tripling the amount of security they have for the weekend’s festivities. The owners are also prepared to arm all of their security members, and have even hired off-duty police officers to handle any gang violence that may break out as a result of Cardi’s appearances. Some fans are now speculating that Cardi may decide it’s in her best interest, in terms of her safety, to cancel the events altogether.

Neither Cardi nor her team has made any statement on the issue, so despite the speculation that Cardi may cancel, so far it looks like Cardi will appear as planned. After all, she’s set to be making around $250K for the gig, so we can see why she’d want the show to go on, so to speak. But, at the end of the day, safety is and will be the priority for all parties involved — not just for Cardi, but for all the club-goers, as well.