Cardi B’s Entourage Reportedly Attacked a Man After the Met Gala

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Well, that escalated very quickly. Cardi B may have had a very glamorous debut at the 2018 Met Gala, but the end of her night was anything but.

The rapper’s very first appearance at the Met Gala should’ve been an amazing and fun night for her, but instead something tells us the aftermath of the event will probably follow the 25-year-old around for quite some time. After the gala, it was reported that a few members of Cardi and Offset‘s entourage allegedly beat up a man outside of a hotel for basically harassing the momma to be.

In a video recorded by a passerby, the man who revealed his identity as Giovanni Arnold to The Blast, can be heard asking Cardi for an autograph. However, shortly after she ignored his initial request, things started to escalate. In fact, in the same video, the autograph seeker was audibly upset and started to yell things at Cardi and the people around her.

“I just asked for an autograph, damn,” Giovanni was heard saying on camera. “Please beat me up, please brother. You better invest your money, bro, do something with your money instead of buying jewelry. You gonna go broke one day, you heard? It’s not gonna last forever.”

According to his recount of the situation, Giovanni told The Blast that he believes Offset eventually told three guys in the car to “go after” him. And that’s when things escalated. The video footage managed to capture three guys jumping out of the SUV right after Giovanni had said those things and proceeded to attack him. Once the attackers had left the scene, Giovanni was taken to the New York Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell where he ended up in a stable condition.

As for Cardi, the New York Daily News reported that she tweeted – and eventually deleted – a note about the incident after it happened. “If you check my tag pics I take a lot of pics with fans,” Her deleted tweet read. “Some people are not fans & sometimes I don’t want no pics and I simply don’t want people too close cause of (pregnant woman emoji) I don’t know what are people’s intentions so I be careful. Why can’t people respect that?”

The police are currently investigating the incident and are looking to question the three men involved in the assault.