Cardi B Finally Reveals If She’s Having A Boy Or A Girl

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Just in case anyone is wondering, Cardi B JUST confirmed her unborn baby’s gender and we’re all SO excited for her. However, a new baby isn’t the only new thing in the rapper’s life.

As you all know by now, the 25-year-old rapper is expecting her first child with Offset from the hip-hop trio Migos. Although most pregnant celebs typically try to keep the details of their pregnancy under wraps, Cardi actually dished all the deets on The Howard Stern Show on Tuesday during her interview with the radio host.

When Howard Stern asked Cardi if she knew what she was having, she did NOT hesitate to respond. “Yes, I’m having a girl,” Cardi told Howard. Cue the AHHs!! What an exciting time in Cardi and Offset’s life! This confirmation came just a day after she made her grand debut on the steps of the Met for the annual Met Gala in New York City. While doing interviews on the red carpet, she repeatedly referred to the baby as “she,” so really, if you’ve seen any of those interviews, this should come as no surprise.

That wasn’t all Cardi shared with the 64-year-old satellite radio host! The “Be Careful” rapper told Howard that her new addition currently weighs three and half pounds and that she’s kicking a lot. However, when she was prompted about the name of the baby, the momma to be didn’t have much to say because, apparently, she didn’t choose the name! “Ya know what I didn’t pick the name but if you interview my dude, he’ll tell you,” she said. Hmm… Guess this just means we have to ask Offset the next time we see him!

We just have to say though, as excited as we are for Cardi’s upcoming little bundle of joy, there’s also a lot more to be excited about because she also has a huge new collaboration dropping on Friday! Just yesterday, Cardi B, Rita Ora, Charli XCX and Bebe Rexha teased that their song “GIRLS” will be out tomorrow, and something tells us it’s going to be EPIC.

A new baby AND new music?! It can’t get better than this!