7 Celebrities You Didn’t Realize Look Freakishly Like Cara Delevingne

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You won’t be able to unsee Cara Delevingne‘s Hollywood twinsies:

1. Emma Stone — When Cara and Emma show off their natural hair color, they can definitely pass for sisters. Basically, if the Amazing Spider-Man actress got a bit of an eyebrow enhancement, they’d be cloning it up.

2. Barbara Palvin — Victoria’s Secret totally has a type.

3. Elle Fanning — Wow, strip Cara of the makeup and she IS Princess Aurora.

4. Kendall Jenner — In no way would we think that the two halves of CaKe looked similar, but get a load of this black-and-white pic:

5. Zac EfronMichelle Rodriguez knew what she was doing.

6. Gerard Way — Oh god…

7. Mark Hamill — Step aside, Daisy Ridley — Cara’s the real Jedi!

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