15 Reasons Cara Delevingne Is the Awesomest Supermodel Ever

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Sure, she's a gorgeous supermodel with million-dollar contracts, Burberry campaigns, as well as a rumored love interest of Harry Styles, but 21-year-old Cara Delevingne is just like us. In an apathetic industry where surface-value rules all, Cara effortlessly adds spunk, charm and goofiness to all interviews and photo-ops, deemed by many to be the 'Jennifer Lawrence of models'.

All in all, Cara's down-to-earth nature has become just as famous as the thick eyebrows that got her discovered.  Here are photos straight off the model's instagram that prove she's more relatable than you'd initially think.

1. She goofs around at work. 

Exhibit A:2. Exhibit B:3. She can never have enough toys/candy.4. She takes silly selfies.5. She loooves food.6. …like, a lot.7. Refer to #5 and #6.8. She makes photo collages of her friends9. ..And understands the importance of spending quality time with family.10. She finds the humor in being birdpooped on.11. She likes taking naps, no matter where or when.12. She's mastered the art of the 'ugly face'. 

Exhibit A:13. Exhibit B.14. Exhibit C.15. Most importantly, she's not afraid to be weird.


Stay true to yourself, Ms. Delevingne. We love you.

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