All the Major Roles You Could’ve Seen Cara Delevingne Play… if She Landed ‘Em

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Cara Delevingne has come a long way since the time she was known solely as a supermodel. The 24-year-old played the lead character in multiple blockbuster movies, including Suicide Squad and Paper Towns, and has more flicks in the works. While she became an actress by route of modeling, the British beauty always pictured herself on the screen. She told TimeOut:

“The first time I did Fashion Week, I was like, ‘Right, I might as well give up on acting because I’m screwed.’ And as soon as I became a model, I was being sent typecasting roles as the stupid blonde who gets killed really quickly, or the sexy girlfriend, or whatever; roles I would rather die than play. I was ready to give up on it…or not give up, but take a break. When I finally got a serious role to audition for, I cried on the phone, I was so happy. Not even a film, just an audition.”

How sweet! Since that time, Cara has gotten calls for many more auditions, some of which led to jobs, and others that didn’t.

1. Unknown role, Fifty Shades of Grey — TONS of young female stars were considered for the lead role in 50 Shades, but Cara was not one of them. But wait! She actually was in talks to play some part in the movie based on the erotic novels, but just not Anastasia Steele. “Cara is a front-runner for a part. She’s desperate to get the gig and has always said that she wanted to be taken seriously as an actress,” a source told The Sun back in 2013. Apparently, the model’s good friend Aaron Taylor-Johnson (whose wife directed the flick) put her in touch with the producers and her agent was even talking to the screenwriter about getting “a strong role” written specifically for her.

2. Alice Kingsleigh, Alice in Wonderland — Cara says her passion has always been acting, but the one role that really got her drive to be an on-screen star going was the lead in the 2010 Alice in Wonderland film. “I was at a wedding and this woman came over to me. She said, ‘You don’t know me, but I know exactly who you are’.” As it turns out, the stranger was one of the movie’s producers who said she watched and “loved” the tape that the model had previously sent in as her audition for the main character. Eventually, the blonde went to director Tim Burton‘s house to discuss the flick and although she “didn’t get the part” in the end, the “experience lit a fire” in her to continue going after a career in Hollywood.

3. Valentina Valencia, Zoolander 2 — This comedy was one of the most highly anticipated movie sequels of all time, so star Ben Stiller had to be sure to get the perfect cast. One source told The Sun that he and producers were looking for a popular model who is funny and “full of natural comedy” to play the female lead. The person with information about the casting process continued, “They are still working out what the exact role will be, but it’s likely to include a lot of goofing around.” Although Justin Bieber ended up getting a part, the 24-year-old did not — Penélope Cruz nabbed it in the end.

4. Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham, Viva Forever! — After years of being told that she looked like the Spice Girl, Cara was offered the chance to play her in a musical about the girl group’s rise to fame. The reason why she turned it down? Her agent told her it would be a “career killer.” YIKES! “Of course I loved the Spice Girls; I loved Geri [Halliwell] and Baby [Spice], but who liked Posh Spice?” she said later. Um, a lot of poeple!!!

Cara DID get the role of Enchantress in Suicide Squad, but not without a fight! Here are the other stars who were considered: