KStew Can Have St. Vincent — Cara Delevingne’s Famous New Bae is Hot AF!

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There seem to be a lot of love triangles, squares, pentagons, hexagons or whathaveyou in Hollywood at the moment. After Cara Delevingne and longtime love St. Vincent reportedly called it quits this past September, rumors began swirling that SV moved on with Kristen Stewart, who, last anyone checked, was still seeing on-again, off-again girlfriend Alicia Cargile. But, oddly, the other day, St. Vincent was spotted holding hands with Cara… then enjoying a night out with KStew only hours later. K.

Don’t worry too much about Cara, though — the 24-year-old Suicide Squad actress supposedly has a famous new bae, too, and she’s hot AF!

People across the world are fangirling over Camber, the pairing up of the Paper Towns star and… Amber Heard! The two blonde beauties have been pals for some time now, but have been seen ~getting cozy~ more than once over the course of the past month or so:

And, considering both of their relationship statuses have recently changed to Single — the 30-year-old Zombieland actress is currently in the middle of a nasty divorce with her Rum Diaries co-star/ex-husband, Johnny Depp — many believe there could be something other than friendship going on:

Hey, we’re with @DebnamCJauregui — as long as everyone’s happy, that’s all that matters.
Cara’s got a history of dating hotties. Lookie here: