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Pics of Chris Evans from Avengers: Infinity War May Reveal a MAJOR Spoiler

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Why is Chris Evans wearing his original Captain America suit on set of the the fourth >Avengers movie? And more importantly, is it an Avengers: Infinity War spoiler?!

Well, that’s the biggest question Marvel fans are asking based on these new photos of Captain America on set. TMZ was first to break this story, and if you’ve been following some of the rumors circulating about the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War plot, you will know that a lot of fans believe that SPOILER ALERT — Captain America will possibly die. This rumor is made even more sound, considering that some of the folks at Marvel have mentioned that we should all be anticipating some character deaths in this latest hero installment because there are just too many heroes! Infinity War is already set to include the largest amount of Avengers we’ve seen in a movie yet!

Well, at first glance this new photo from the Avengers 4 set would possibly give some folks hope that Chris Evan’s Captain America will make it out of Infinity War alive. However, after a closer look, you will notice that Cap is wearing his old school, original Captain America suit that he wore in the first Avengers movie. This probably means that they were likely shooting a flashback scene for Avengers 4, versus a brand new scene with Cap still alive.

We know that might break some Cap fans’ hearts, but hopefully, Captain America’s absence from the franchise means more room for exciting new characters,right?! And besides, Chris Evans has previously mentioned that he’s ready to give up the shield because he wants to focus on directing, and after all these years as playing the hunky superhero on the big screen, he certainly deserves to do whatever the heck he wants with his career moving forward.

Of course, this could all be just one big false rumor–we’ll just have to wait and see when the film is released on May 4th!