Mysterious ‘Catching Fire’ Sneak Peek: What Could It Mean?

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Capitol Couture

Last week, we got to see some amazing Victory Tour themed Catching Fire posters, but now we’re getting a sneak peek that we don’t really understand. On the Capitol Couture website, a portrait of an old looking blue chair was posted. And that’s about it.

Now, when there were sneak peeks going around for Hunger Games, Capitol Couture gave a first look at some of Effie Trinket’s wild fashion choices, so if we had to guess, this probably has something to do with that. Maybe this is a backstage look at one of Katniss’ Victory Tour speeches? According to Hypable, this first Instagram photo has a caption that reads “Join us on March 4” with the hashtag “#LadiesFirst.”

It most likely won’t be a trailer or anything (many think that will be released at the MTV Movie Awards on April 14), some are saying that the reveal on March 4 will be more photos on Capitol Couture’s website.

While we’ll probably be left guessing for quite some time what this symbolizes, we’re sure that more vague sneak peeks will be coming our way (even though the movie doesn’t hit theaters until November), and we can’t wait!

What do YOU guys think this chair means? Start the debate in the comments!

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