There Could Actually Be a Happily-Ever-After for Klaroline on The Originals!

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The Originals is sadly coming to an end, but before it goes completely off the air, there’s just one lingering question on every Klaroline shipper’s mind: Will we FINALLY get to see Caroline and Klaus be together?! Well, according to Candice King, anything can happen. Especially now that she’s going to appear on a total of FIVE episodes instead of the originally planned one.

While everyone closely involved with The Originals has been VERY tight-lipped about anything that has to do with Caroline and Klaus’ plotline, the actress actually shed a tiny bit of light on it in her interview with ” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>NKD magazine.

The 30-year-old started off by talking about why Caroline and Klaus didn’t end up together on The Vampire Diaries. “Julie Plec always had a very clear idea of what she wanted for Caroline and Klaus together,” she said. “It wasn’t exactly always in line with what the fans wanted for those characters… she wrote very important moments that she wanted for those characters, but I think she also gave a lot to the fans and what they wanted to see.”

And then, it was what she said after that statement that reignited hope in all Klaroline stans. Candice said that on the final season of The Originals, fans gave life to a relationship that they’ve “wanted for so long.” Umm, could it be that we finally get to see a happily-ever-after for one of the biggest ships of the vampy series?! Well, time will only tell.

Aside from touching on the Klaroline ship, Candice also went on to reveal that the five episodes she’ll be on were totally unplanned. “When Vampire ended, it was just supposed to be a quick little pop-in to say goodbye to the Caroline and Klaus storyline for the fans,” she explained. “We all felt that it would be really significant and important for anyone who supported — or ‘shipped’ as the kids say — those two together.”

However, Julie and Candice eventually realized that Klaroline needed more than an episode to hash things out, so here we are.