8 Canceled CW TV Series That Ended with the Biggest Cliffhangers of All Time

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Currently, The CW is the network home to Golden Globe-winner Jane the Virgin, and hit series Supernatural, which has been on the air for a whopping 12 seasons. But, before creating these amazing shows, and others based on every superhero character ever, the channel experimented with other dramas.

The television series all featured what every major drama needs: murder, secrets, family drama and, of course, hot guys. Some of them even included cool storylines on witches, time travel, superhumans and double identities. Unfortunately, it still wasn’t enough to make the shows successful. The programs were canceled, usually after one season, leaving its few (though, occasionally, CULT) fans writhing in turmoil because of all of the questions they would never have answers to. Take a look to see some of the biggest cliffhangers on shows canceled by The CW: