7 Canceled TV Shows That Were Brought Back to Life by Netflix

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Just a few years ago, Netflix found its fame when it offered movie-watchers the opportunity to rent movies and television shows without leaving their house. People everywhere had their favorite flick sent to them in the mail, as easy as 1-2-3. (This lovely convenience is one of the things that put Blockbuster out of business.) Then, before you knew it, a new thing came onto the scene! Move over snail mail, and hello high-speed streaming. Now, Netflix is responsible for creating TV-bingers out of millions across the globe.

But, you know the Spider-Man phrase, “With great power comes great responsibility?” Well, that also works in reverse. After Netflix became responsible for providing everything from the hottest new shows to classic black-and-white features, the service gained the power to bring television series back from the dead. Many fantastic shows are canceled because not enough people watch live. But that’s not our fault — we hate commercials! So, Netflix put these shows on its platform, and even produced brand-new, original episodes. Sneak a peek at a few awesome TV shows that Netflix brought back to life: