7 of Your Favorite TV Shows That Aren’t Coming Back This Fall

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One of the saddest things ever is when your favorite TV show ends (this is NOT dramatic at all). It can be even worse when it ends abruptly or gets canceled. Unfortunately, it happens a lot. Especially now, with the rise of online streaming and shows on Hulu and Netflix, it seems like more and more shows are disappearing from your TV screens every year. The good part about canceled television series is that you can mostly always stream the entire series online after it ends. The bad part is having to say goodbye to your favorite characters way too soon. And unfortunately, this happens every single fall season when we realize that some of our favorites have been unexpectedly nixed.

It might not sound like a big issue, but TV shows are awesome. They give us funny, sad or dramatic stories to tune into in order to forget how stressed out we are are about our own lives. In high school, I would look forward to going over to my friend’s house on a Monday night to watch the new episode of Gossip Girl. Eventually, the show ended, and although the ending was slightly disappointing, it was still sad to say good bye to the characters I had become so familiar with. Sometimes shows can seem to go on for way too long (Degrassi is still kickin’ after 14 seasons), but other times, they end way too soon, and it can really stink. Here are some shows that are not coming back this fall, so you don’t have to get your hopes up then have them be crushed by the time September rolls around:

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