6 TV Shows That Were Canceled & Then Brought Back by the Same Network

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At this point, we’re kinda used to our favorite television shows getting suddenly canceled and leaving us with a MILLION unanswered questions. MTV does it — RIP to Faking It, Finding Carter and Eye Candy. Freeform does it — WTF happened to The Lying Game, Twisted and Chasing Life?! And they’re definitely not the only ones. But while our hearts are basc immune to getting shattered by networks deciding to pull the plug on our faves, every now and then there IS a glimmer of hope when they — wait for it — choose to UN-cancel previously axed series.

7th Heaven fans will remember how The WB promoted the May 8, 2006 episode as the show’s official farewell, but then suddenly they were like, ‘LOL JK!!’ And brought it back for another season. Family Guy may be one of the most successful animation series ever, but Fox originally thought it wasn’t good enough and gave it the boot. You know what they say — mistakes are a part of life!