13 Teen Shows That Ended So Abruptly, You Were Left with a MILLION Questions

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No one likes when their favorite shows are canceled. Actually, it’s quite possibly one of the worst feelings in the world. Especially when it’s a program you became invested in, only to find out that you will never figure out what happened to your beloved favorite characters. Every show creator doesn’t always have the luxury of tying things up in a pretty little bow and making sure the characters have a clear send off, which means that many times we’re left wondering what the heck happened after the series finale cliffhanger.

Let’s be honest, this happens more often than we would like. It always seems to happen to the most dramatic shows that keep us hanging on to each episode. Then suddenly it gets canceled, and we never figure out what happens after so and so gets shot, or what’s her name figures out she’s pregnant. We’re left with an empty hole of nothingness. Some shows were definitely guiltier than others, but these were the worst. Check out these teen series that ended with shocking cliffhangers: