6 Netflix Series That Were Canceled After Only One Season

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Netflix has been putting out some seriously awesome shows recently, so much so that we would be totally fine only watching the streaming service’s originals from hereon out. Stranger Things and its adorable cast quickly became a fan favorite and got a fast season two renewal. When it was announced that a small-screen adaptation of 13 Reasons Why was coming and was being executive produced by mega-star Selena Gomez, we simply couldn’t contain our excitement. The book of the same name had a cult-like following and although we were super nervous about the transition from page to screen, the series was a massive success. Although it faced some major backlash due to its content, it was green-lit for a season two and we can’t wait to meet new characters and see how life at Liberty High continues following Hannah’s death.

Not all Netflix shows have the same good luck and fan response as 13RW and ST, however. Some of the service’s original programs got the ax almost immediately after their premiere. You know what they say — when you know, you just know.

Netflix notoriously doesn’t release its viewership numbers and usually states that a show is cancelled due to budget restraints. We may not know ~exactly~ why it decided to pull the plug on the below shows that didn’t make it past season one, but we do know that it happened in record time. Who knows — maybe if Netflix had actually given their creations some time to grow and gain a fan base, they would’ve cought on eventually. Or, ya know, continued to crash and burn.