7 Netflix Original Series That Were Canceled After Just One Season

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canceled netflix original series


Netflix is a powerhouse when it comes to creating and releasing original content. Over the years, the streaming service has given us some of our favorite movies, most recently being To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. And of course, who could forget about The Kissing Booth!? On the flip side, we’ve also been given many amazing Netflix original shows such Orange is the New Black and Stranger Things!

Sometimes, though, Netflix just misses the mark with its original content. Whether disliked by fans, critics, or both, not every show can be a hit. Recently, fans have called for the cancellation of Netflix’s new series, Insatiable, which stars Debby Ryan, claiming the way it tackles serious, sensitive issues is done in a harmful manner. We don’t know if the controversial show will make it to more episodes, or if it’ll be added to this list of Netflix series that got canceled after just one season.