8 Canceled Freeform TV Series That Ended with the Biggest Cliffhangers Ever

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These days, most shows employ the trick of the cliffhanger. They end the season with a few major twists and turns — murders are committed, secrets are revealed and love is professed all within the last 2 minutes of a show. Viewers are left hanging week after week, forced to wait until the show returns to know what happens to their favorite characters. It’s great for the ratings… but terrible for us!

But, even though it’s hard to wait, we manage to survive knowing that we’ll eventually get answers. But, what if your favorite show is *gulp* canceled? Then you’re trapped in a perpetual state of never knowing! It’s a modern form of torture that we just can’t take. Read on to see your fave Freeform (formerly ABC Family) shows that were canceled after a MAJOR cliffhanger: