8 Must-Know Facts About Harry Styles’ Rumored New Girlfriend, Camille Rowe

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Ever since we heard that Harry Styles was seen with Victoria Secret’s model Camille Rowe, we have been wanting to know more about the girl who caught the attention of one of the hottest guys in Hollywood. For the past four years, Harry has been hanging out with “dating” a whole bunch of Victoria’s Secret models. The 23-year-old “Sign of the Times” singer has been seriously busy promoting all of his solo projects, like his self-titled album and debut movie, Dunkirk, but even the biggest celebs need some downtime to chill with friends, right? We know their faces, but now it’s time to really get to know the Harry-approved girls when they’re not in the spotlight.

Camille is the most recent victim to paparazzi and fans seeing her with the One Direction lad and she is definitely making her name known. Not only did one of Harry’s rumored exes give a subtle dig towards the potential new couple, but she is one seriously X-rated girl with a lot of history. Just like every other model Harry has been seen with, Camille’s social media presence has seriously increased. She has over 350k Instagram followers who are now commenting on every post speculating on the rumored relationship. We rounded up some facts about Harry’s reported new squeeze that you need to know ASAP. From when she got her Victoria’s Secret angel wings to which Twilight star she’s been linked to, we’ve got it all: