20 Tweets to Camila Mendes That Prove Riverdale Fans’ Minds are Dirty AF

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Anyone who ever read the Archie comics growing up knows that Veronica Lodge is the “hot one.” So when casting began for Riverdale, everyone knew the actress playing the iconic character needed to be the perfect mix of sassy and sultry. Cue Camila Mendes!

Straight out of New York University, the 23-year-old jumped into her first major role in the award-winning CW series and started stealing hearts left and right.

The brunette’s character has guys drooling over her on the show, so it makes sense that she’d be sought after in real life, too. All it takes is one look at her Twitter account to see that fans are head over heels for the raven-haired beauty. But the way some people express their love for her is a littttttle…ummmm…~out there~. You’ll have to see these dirty tweets to fully understand where we’re coming from:

1. Ouch.

2. No, thanks.

3. For some reason, we don’t quite believe him.

4. Good to know.

5. Thanks for sharing.

6. Um…

7. This guy again?

8. It’s not okay to ask someone this.


10.The thirst is real.

11. At least it’s a compliment.

12. Wowza.

13. Can’t say the same.

15. True fan, right here.

16. Ew.

17. Probs not, brah.

18. Subtle…

19. Not really sure what’s going on here.

20. Happens to the best of us.