Camila Mendes Opens Up About Being Bullied & Slut-Shamed in School

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Camila Mendes plays Veronica Lodge, a teenager who used to be a mean girl, on The CW’s Riverdale. While the 23-year-old’s character changed her ways before we got to know her on the show, she probably could’ve played a bully with no problem, because she had experience being a victim.

Cami recently sat down with Teen Vogue to chat about how she was bullied and slut-shamed while she was in school.

“My friend and I were in eighth grade or ninth grade,” she recalled. “These two girls who were a few years above us put out this video on Facebook, and they were just like, ‘Who are freshman sluts? Cami and Kylie.’ They just kind of made this video talking about how much we were sluts … [when the reality is that] both of us were in relationships, and not even hooking up with anybody but our loved ones.
We were just like, ‘What?’ It was completely purposeless bullying.”

Fortunately for Camila and her friend, however, others didn’t buy into the bully’s claims.

She continued, “The good thing is that no one really gave it the attention that those girls wanted. No one really fed into it. The people that we were friends with knew who we were and knew that that wasn’t us. Either way, at the end of the day, my sexuality, my friend’s sexuality, was none of their business, and not theirs to judge. I think when you’re at such a young age, you do stupid things, and you kind of let those negative emotions take over.”

The brunette beauty is now an advocate of preventing girl-against-girl bullying and wants to use her platform to encourage everyone to be kind.

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