Camila Cabello Drops “Never Be the Same” Music Video & It is FIRE

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Camila Cabello just dropped a VERY pretty music video for “Never Be the Same,” and we just can’t get enough of it!

Months after dropping one of the most incredible singles from her repertoire — aside from “Havana”, of course — Camila surprised her fans with a visual to accompany her latest single, and as you can see, it’s amazing. The “Never Be the Same” music video starts off with what appears to be footage from a home video with old-school vibes before it goes straight into what some would describe as a very futuristic aesthetic.

In the visual, Camila wears a number of very cool and fashion-forward pieces, and as beautiful as her outfits were, they definitely did not overshadow the song.

Aside from the home-shot footage, a lot of the video is comprised of close-ups of Camila singing the track, which is not something any of her fans are complaining about:

Many are speculating that “Never Be the Same” could become as big of a hit as Camila’s “Havana.” The track has already been certified platinum in Australia, Gold in both Canada and New Zealand, and Silver in the UK. And now that the music video is out, it’s only a matter of time before she reaches the same achievements in the US as she did overseas.

Watch here: