The Explicit Texts Between a 5SOS Guy and 5H Girl You Never Thought You’d See

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Thought Camila Cabello wanting to “punch [Ally Brooke Hernandez] in the face” was bad? Well, the information exposed from the hack of her iCloud account just keeps getting worse and worse. Although the 18 year old’s true feelings toward her bandmate were just revealed, apparently even MORE messages were leaked a couple weeks ago, this time involving 5 Seconds of Summer’s Michael Clifford.

The 5H girl and 5SOS guy were rumored to be dating after Mikey admitted to having a crush on her and subsequently taking her on a date a few weeks later. Although the pair has since adamantly denied being anything more than just friends, their explicit text messages seem to tell another story. We have to warn you — while we censored the following conversations, the topics are still are dirty AF.

What the actual EFF?! If these texts are legit, it seems that Camila and Mikey were engaging in quite the ~interesting~ relationship as they were telling everyone that their feelings for each other were simply platonic. #LIES

We know what you might be thinking — anyone could write those words, do a little Photoshop action and say it’s a convo between the two musicians. But to further prove that they’re real, yet another chat between the two came out, and this time it features pictures that have never been seen before.

Pics or it didn’t happen? Well, there they are.

Although they say they’re just friends, Cam and Mikey have always been fans of some flirtation:

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