Camila Cabello’s Shady Move Makes Fifth Harmony Fans Question Her Loyalty

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Over the past few weeks, the Fifth Harmony girls have been dealing with TONS of drama stemming from an interview in which they said a breakup will probably happen eventually. We know — cue the tears. Between Camilla Cabello’s new solo endeavor with Shawn Mendes and Lauren Jauregui telling us a split is “just a realistic thing,” fans have been kinda worried. And now, to make matters even worse, Cam has done something that’s seriously making us wonder how close she really is to pulling a Zayn Malik and stepping out on her own.

Fans were shocked when a demo of a solo song the 18 year old recorded last year hit the Internet yesterday. “Cinderella” was initially thought to be an early version of 5H’s “Tinderella,” but her manager’s (yes — she has her own manager) reaction basically proved to fans that this was not simply a normal Fifth Harmony track leak. Roger Gold used social media to contact @rares5h, the account that leaked the tune and has since been deleted.

As expected, Harmonizers are pretty effing upset with Camila right now and are questioning her loyalty to the group.

Yikes…this does not look good. Are fans justifiably upset, or are they freaking out at Cam for nothing?

Don’t worry too much, 5H fans — Camila clears up those breakup rumors:

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