Camila Cabello Opens Up About Her Biggest Insecurities Growing Up

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Camila Cabello is more than just an amazing solo artist. She’s an amazing role model, too! Trust us, after getting all the details from her interview with Glamour, you’ll be convinced as well.

While the 21-year-old musician is such an important voice for immigrants, the Latinx community and young women in general, she revealed that becoming a pop star did not seem like a viable option while she was growing up. “I didn’t even think that [music] was a plausible career for me because I was living in Miami with immigrant parents who just wanted me to focus on school,” Camila told the mag. “Everybody I went to auditions with was born in L.A. or New York [with means]. There was nobody I could look up to. I didn’t see myself represented in pop culture.”

Obviously, those doubts are a distant memory now, but Camila’s insecurities were very real at the time. She explained that many of those came from her not seeing Latinas represented in pop culture. The “Never Be the Same” singer also confessed that she used to wish she was blonde with blue eyes to fit in with the mainstream pop culture scene. “There was a period when I really wanted light eyes,” she admitted. “It was only as I got older that I was like, ‘I like my brown eyes, I like my black hair, I like my skin. I don’t need to be blonde and blue-eyed.'”

What a coincidence, because we like all of those gorgeous Latina attributes about her, too. Even though Camila embraces her dark hair and brown eyes and has always been proud of her heritage and culture, there is still one insecurity she hasn’t gotten over: her teeth.

“There are still things I’m insecure about, like my crooked teeth… But I think part of beauty is accepting imperfections,” Camila revealed. “The more I meet people and see the world, the more I realize it’s those little quirks — a birthmark, a crooked tooth, a scar — that makes you you.” She also said that “perfect is boring” and we could NOT agree more with that.

As for her one beauty regret? She told Glamour that it’s “the one time I wore red lipstick. I don’t like strong lips. Just strong women.” Okay, now THAT is a mic-drop answer.