Camila Cabello Forced to Cancel Taylor Swift Show After Being Hospitalized

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Camila Cabello had a great time at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, winning the Billboard Chart Achievement Award and performing “Sangria Wine” and “Havana,” but the aftermath was way less thrilling. The 21-year-old revealed she started “feeling really sick” and actually had to be hospitalized to get things checked out. Unfortunately, doctors diagnosed her with dehydration and told her to rest, which means she has to cancel her performance at Taylor Swift‘s Reputation Stadium Tour in Seattle tonight.

“They ran a lot of tests and everything is fine, but the diagnosis was basically dehydration and I also have a low grade fever — the doctors have told me I really have to get rest otherwise I won’t get better — so unfortunately I won’t be able to perform my set during the Reputation tour in Seattle tomorrow,” she announced last night.

Cam continued, “I’m so sorry to let you guys down and I promise I will make it up as soon as I can! I guess sometimes I just push myself too hard and I promise I’m gonna take better care of myself.”

But just because she’s feeling under the weather doesn’t mean she forgot to express her appreciation for Camilizers who helped her win the BBMA over the weekend.

“Last night I realized I didn’t have time to say thank you for my award, thank you for caring about me, thank you for sticking by me,” she added. “It’s officially been a year since we started this journey together, and here’s to more memories, more joy, more love, more music, more health, and more life!! I love youuuu.”

We love you, too, Camila! Feel better soon!