7 Celebs Camila Cabello Has Been Romantically Linked to in the Past

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Camila Cabello Dating Timeline


It’s been several years since Camila Cabello was on X Factor, but ever since then, we watched her grow up, find her independence, and yes, start dating. However, now that several years have gone by since her first official relationship at 17 years old, Camila’s love life has become increasingly more active, and these days, it seems like she may have even found “the one.”

In the past, Camila’s been romantically linked to many different celebs, and considering how quirky and awkward she could be at times, it was often too hard to tell which of those people she was actually dating, and which were just friends who were rumored to be more. NGL, we’ve never seen Camila happier and more in love than she is now, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take a look back at all of the celebs she’s dated (or has been rumored to date) over the course of her career. Ready, set, GO!