Camila Cabello’s Lifelong Insecurity About Her Small Chest is Going Strong

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Looks like Camila Cabello took a cue from Ariana Grande. Four years ago, around the “Everyday” singer’s 20th birthday, she pondered, “I’m going to be 20 in a month, I find that terrifying and unbelievable. Does this mean I’ll finally get boobs and an ass?” Soon after, though, fans sent an array of positive messages, so she deleted the note, and said, “I decided to take it back and be happy with what God gave me. I’m proud of my little tush!! Big, small, curvy, flat, tall petite… Love the skin you’re in!!!! It’s beautiful because it’s yours!!!!!” Camila, however, still hasn’t let the idea of “loving the skin you’re in” sink in.

The former Fifth Harmony member has her own 20th birthday to celebrate this week, on March 3, and, like the Sam & Cat alum, she’s wishing for breast enhancement:

And, looking back at CC’s past quotes, this seems to be part of a lifelong insecurity and obsession:

Fortunately, the almost-non-teen has fans to remind her of her greatness:

If Camila does ever decide to take matters into her own hands, that is her right — it’s her body! But we do agree with her fans on one thing: she is perfection… insecurities and all.
Camila Cabello is so lovably awkward, it’s adorable. Here are 10 such times she was more awkward than you ever were: