Camila Cabello’s New Non-5H Song is Getting WAY More Love Than the Last One

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OMG Everywhere

OMG Everywhere

Ever since Camila Cabello teamed up with Shawn Mendes for “I Know What You Did Last Summer” in 2015, she’s been on the receiving end of a ton of backlash. “It’s been so difficult to watch people criticize me and my intentions,” she told Seventeen earlier this year. “It’s been sh-tty. They turned me [doing the song] into a conspiracy theory. We literally just wrote a song backstage, and it ended up becoming something awesome. It wasn’t a career move that I carefully planned out.”

Even as recently as this past week, shade was thrown her way for venturing outside of Fifth Harmony… by one bandmate’s mother!

Thankfully, at least for today, her latest project is receiving a ton of praise — for a VERY good reason, BTW — despite the fact that it’s also without the other 5H ladies. Here’s why:

The 19-year-old brunette beauty and producer Benny Blanco joined forces with OMG Everywhere, a nonprofit that hosts free arts workshops for kids, and the Get Well Soon Tour to record a song with six youths from New York City in the name of charity. The twist: They couldn’t use any actual instruments. So, instead, the group gathered materials ranging from a box of tissues to a vacuum cleaner. It’s so cool!

The result: “Power in Me.” Watch here:

While we know the negative aftermath of her last move sans the 5H girls, this one’s getting a whole lot of love across the Internet:

Sing with us now: “I got a power in me // Stronger than electricity // I got a dream in me / That I’m gonna achieve…”
Sadly, Camila Cabello gets a lot of flack for going solo while still in a girl group. But she’s not the only fierce female to do that: