The Leaked Messages That Prove Not All of the Fifth Harmony Girls Get Along

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Camila Cabello has been working hard to prove that she’s still loyal to Fifth Harmony, even though she’s been dabbling in some solo projects recently. But despite her efforts, just-leaked direct messages between the singer and her BFF may reveal what she actually thinks about one of her 5H group members — and it’s not good.

A group of hackers apparently found its way into the 18 year old’s Twitter account and found DMs that are very revealing. The “I Know What You Did Last Summer” songstress apparently wasn’t a fan of Ally Brooke Hernandez’s crush on Harry Styles and subsequently wanted to “punch her in the face.”



You know what they say — don’t believe everything you see on the Internet. This was our initial reaction after seeing these messages, of course… until Lauren Jauregui basically confirmed that the hack was real. The 19 year old apparently followed one of the hackers by accident, and then spoke out about her mistake in supporting someone who wants to “violate someone’s privacy on PURPOSE.”

We know everyone has their moments and even the best of friends fight sometimes, but NGL, this does not look good. *sigh*

WDYT, Harmonizers? Are Camila and Ally okay now, or has their relationship always been on the rocks?

It’s moments like these that make us think the 5H girls really ARE besties:

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