Camila Cabello Shares Two New Songs from Self-Titled Debut Solo Album

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Camila Cabello is getting ready to drop her debut album, however, there’s just a teeny, tiny bit of bad news for her diehard fans: Some of their current favorite tracks might not make it onto her album. To be quite honest, we just don’t know how to feel about that.

Now before we all start crying in the club due to this recent discovery — because, let’s be real here, the singer’s first few singles should definitely make some kind of appearance on her debut album — Camila teased us all with a couple of snippets from new, never-before-heard songs on her Instagram, as well as a snippet of one of her recent releases, “Never Be the Same.” And for those of you wondering, yes, these two new tracks will DEFINITELY appear on her self-titled debut album.

One of the songs she previewed is called “All These Years,” which features her impressive vocals and what we can only assume to be lyrics that read, “And it was just a quick hello and you had to go… and you probably will never know.”

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While the other snippet is of a song called “She Loves Control,” with fewer lyrics than the previous preview:

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We don’t know about you, but those two little snippets definitely got us excited for the new album!

Anyway, now that we got the new music news out of the way, let’s talk about some of her older hits not making it onto the record. In a recent interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1’s World Record podcast, the 20-year-old explained that the reason for leaving quite a few of her previous released songs off of her self-titled album was basically for aesthetic and cohesive reasons.

“I feel like it’s important for me as a new artist and especially people hearing ‘Havana’ and more people kind of knowing who I am; I think that it’s really important that the message is like super consistent,” Camila explained. “So even if other songs like ‘OMG’ or ‘Questions’ or ‘Crying’ represented me in the beginning parts of the year; it felt [like] I have grown and grown more as an artist and as a person. It felt like it needed to represent the most recent snapshot of my life.”

While that makes total sense, we can’t help but feel like the inclusion of “OMG,” “Questions” and “Crying in the Club” would add a little more to her theme of growth and who she was from the beginning of her solo career to where she is now. But, hey, that’s just us.