10 Things You Need to Know About The Giver’s Cameron Monaghan

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Everybody, write down the name Cameron Monaghan immediately, because he’s going to be Hollywood’s next big thing. Like seriously, we’re obsessed! You may recognize him from his previous roles in Vampire Academy and Shameless, but his upcoming part in The Giver is going to skyrocket him to superstardom!

Cameron plays Asher, who is an Assistant Recreational Director in the book, but a pilot in the film. He’s described as a “very energetic and a fun-loving boy, but this results in him being hard to work with. He is a bit excitable sometimes which results in him speaking too fast and imprecisely, like when he was a three, and mixed up snack with the word “smack,” receiving many blows of the “discipline wand” on his hand and legs. This resulted in a silent Asher for a while, but after a while he learned and began to talk with greater precision. Asher is usually late for school, and uses multiple excuses to explain this. On the other hand he is described by most to be fun to be around.”

Before the movie starring Taylor Swift, Brendan Thwaites and Meryl Streep hits theaters on August 15, we wanted to chat with Cam about everything from which of his leading ladies he’s crushed on in the past to process he went through before landing the role. Click through the gallery rightthissecond!