Cameron Diaz Got Away With “Pretty Much Everything” As a Teen (Exclusive Video)

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Ever have a total nightmare for a teacher? You know, like the one who literally falls asleep while you’re in class or seems to totally hate everyone’s guts? Well, that’s exactly what Cameron Diaz‘s character Elizabeth in Bad Teacher is like: Total. Nightmare.

We sat down with Cam to chat about the movie and, lucky for us, she’s nothing like her character IRL. Cameron spills on everything from what really bad things she’s gotten away with in her life to why she fell for the boy in high school who liked to “sew his fingers closed.” Uh, whatever floats your boat, we guess?

Click on to watch our exclusive interview with Cameron!

Bad Teacher is out in theaters tomorrow, June 24! Do you think you’ll be headed to see it? What do you think about the type of guys Cameron was into? Sound off in the comments!