Here’s Why People Think Cameron Dallas and Hailey Baldwin Broke Up

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Cameron Dallas and Hailey Baldwin never confirmed that they were actually a couple, but based on the amount of time they spent together over the past several months, we think it’s pretttttty safe to assume the rumors were true. But even if the pair was just friends, there’s seemingly some trouble in paradise, because the 20-year-old unfollowed her rumored bae on Instagram last night.

Some people assumed the action was a mistake, though, because he still follows her. Others, however, assume that the savage social-media move ~proves~ the duo have broken up.

“I wonder what happened that they even unfollowed each other lol,” one fan wrote on Instagram. “Anyways RIP. They were cute together and I low-key shipped them.”

When people started getting word that the supermodel was no longer following the former Vine star, most of the reactions were…interesting, to say the least.

Hailey went to the Zoe Church Conference in Los Angeles over the weekend, which her ex, Justin Bieber, just so happened to also attend.

HB and CD got close because they are both signed with IMG modeling agency, and they apparently started dating back in June.

“Hailey has been friends with Cameron for a while now, but most recently they’ve taken their friendship to the next level,” a source told E! News at the time. “Hailey wants to keep it low-key between them. It’s not serious, but they are definitely into each other.”

Who the heck knows WTF is actually going on with Cailey, TBH. Ahhh, young love.