17 Sexy Memes That Prove Fans Think Cameron Dallas is Daddy AF

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There’s a reason why Cameron Dallas is one of the biggest celebrities on Vine. Besides the fact that he can make us LOL at any given moment, to put it simply, he is HOT. We’d loop a video of him and his smokin’ body any day.

When we found memes that perfectly summed up our feelings towards the 21-year-old social media star, we knew you all would love them as much as we did. Scroll through the pictures below and at least try to keep your cool!

1. Please and thank you?

2. LOL!

3. Uhmm… Asking for a “friend.”

4. Definitely more than just a dash:

5. Look it up; his name is most definitely there!

6. Yup, here too:

7. Don’t have to ask us twice!

8. SAME.

9. Can’t breathe!

10. OMG!!

11. Our minds are wandering to so many places right now…

12. The answer is: YES.

13. Can we be one of them??

14. True Life: We Are Cameron Dallas Addicts.

15. *Swoons*

16. Oh, we are SO with it.

17. Take that, puberty!

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