Cam Gigandet May Look Like Mr. Perfect, But He’s Hiding a Major Secret

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The third hottest vampire alive, Cam Gigandet, is trying to prove that he’s not really undead. How? By revealing a tiny secret about a very big, very human problem: zits! Apparently,  his “problem skin” makes him feel insecure! Aww, Cam! Us too!

Why the sudden focus on his freakishly phenomenal face? Read on to find out!

The Twilight star has just inked a deal to be the smokin’ hot face of clickR Skin Care, an acne line that has cleared up his breakouts. “I like to not have to worry about things so I don’t lose focus and get insecure,” the 28 year-old admitted to reporters. “I didn’t even use Irish Spring on my face [before clickR], I think I just used water. But now that I use it, I never have to worry.”

BUZZ: Guess which other star isn’t afraid to beg for acne cream in public?

Cam (and his now flawless face) is slated to star in a loads of films this year including The Roommate, Priest and Trespass. And, clickR Skin Care will make it’s way to Sephora stores shelves this month.

Would you be comfortable to admit to Cam that you get zits too? Tell us!